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About Us

Our Story

Dating back to 2014 with the inaugural bra auction dinner, Bras For A Cause Gulf Coast has grown to be an independent non-profit charity that holds an annual benefit dinner.  In 2016 the dinner raised $30,000 which was donated to Breast Friends of Providence Hospital.  Over $40,000 has been raised since 2014.

2017 monies will go into a special fund designated at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.  This money will go directly to the everyday needs of those women and men undergoing breast cancer treatment.  No salaries or overhead of any kind are paid from the money raised.

Our Officers

Tonyea Weber - Chairperson

Tonyea Weber


Shelli Bell - Co-Chairperson

Shelli Bell


Tracy Cochran - Treasurer

Tracy Cochran


Missy Butler - Secretary

Missy Butler


Michelle Murrill - Marketing Coordinator

Michelle Murrill

Marketing Coordinator